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revealed landscapes • sculpture

2021 - performance, plaster

Part of the project “I would like to say, I don’t know the road to paradise…”
Nucleo, Lindelei Ghent, 2021

This is a project/research initiated by Isabel Devos, in which the question was raised about what erotic imagination (cannot) be.
This research resulted in perfomances by different artists.

My performance ‘Revealed Landscapes’ plays with the boundaries and duality between functional and erotic nudity. Couples are invited for an intimate performance in a tight, clinical staging.
There is much focus on the obvious, familiar surrender we know from the relationship between patient and doctor.

In this performance, however, the couple surrenders not to a doctor but to the artist for an ‘unknown treatment’. Besides the familiar aspect and respectful handling, the excitement and stimulation of the unknown is important. During the performance, all senses are engaged in a multi-sensory and highly intimate experience.

Only at the end of the performance does the artist enter the picture and the spectators become viewers. The landscapes harvested on the couple’s bodies are revealed.

The sculptures suggest a sensual landscape discovered by isolating and manipulating ‘innocent, anonymous’ parts of the body. All these portraits or landscapes are archived, coded and numbered.

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