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you'll be a woman soon • sculpture

2002 - sanitary towel, twine

Christening robe for a daughter.

The fragile material of the christening robe is reminiscent of lace: transparent, delicately patterned and virginal white.

Yet the sanitary pad used to make the robe has become an everyday disposable product. Something meant to be hidden away as much as possible. Contradictorily, the top layer of the dressing is given an aesthetic pattern. It seems almost made to please, to turn the discomfort for which it is used into something beautiful and make it bearable with its temporary initial beauty.

Unlike a traditional christening garment, often passed down from generation to generation, this is a temporary piece. Perishable, subject to decay. Over the years, the fabric decays more and more and only the skeleton, like the structure of wings, will remain.
This work wants to refer to motherhood, fragility and protection, to femininity and gender roles, rituals, renewal and decay.

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